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Tech Regrade

When you sell a Tech item with us, we ask you to grade it based on its condition. We provide three grades with a description for each: good, poor or faulty. However, we sometimes have to regrade a device after our Quality Assessment process due to unseen or missed faults. Here are some of the most common reasons

If your item has been regraded for one of the following reasons,
click on the image to find out why.

Heavy Wear and Tear Heavy Wear and Tear
Screen Burn Screen Burn
Liquid Damage Liquid Damage
Low Battery Health Low Battery Health
Screen Lifted Screen Lifted
Battery Expanded Battery Expanded
LCD / Pixel Fault LCD / Pixel Fault
Wrong Network Wrong Network

Heavy Wear and Tear

Heavy wear and tear include heavy scratches, damage to the device’s case and any chips or dents.

There are all kinds of reasons it can occur, including drops, bumps or even keeping your phone in the same pocket as your keys!

Screen Burn

Screen burn commonly appears as yellow or orange lines on each side of the screen or permanently visible keyboard or app icons (also known as ghost images).

It usually occurs on screens switched to full brightness and left on for prolonged periods.

Liquid Damage

Liquid damage is occasionally visible as bright white spots, dots or lines on the screen. However, sometimes the only way to tell is by inspecting the internal liquid damage indicators.

It typically occurs when your phone is exposed to moisture. This can be anything from full submersion in water to steam from the shower!

Low Battery Health

The capacity of a battery reduces naturally over time, although we consider anything under 80% of its original capacity to be in low health. To test the capacity of a battery, we connect it to a computer and use the coconutBattery app.

Low battery health is typically caused by charging your phone too much or incorrectly.

Screen Lifted

This fault refers to the screen lifting away from the device, leading to a visible gap.

There are a couple of potential causes, including the battery expanding, the case bending or damage to the glue that holds the screen to the case.

Battery Expanded

Occasionally, a device’s battery can expand beyond its casing. This can cause major damage to the device’s casing and screen.

This occurs when the battery has overheated, overcharged or is just generally faulty. It can also occur if the battery is old.

LCD / Pixel Fault

This refers to any internal damage to a device’s screen, including dead pixels, lines across the display, a blurry screen or a cracked LCD under the device’s glass.

Some of these faults can occur naturally over a device’s life, although they can be caused by impact (i.e. dropping your phone) too.

Wrong Network

When you sell your phone, you’re asked to specify which network the phone is on (if any). If our quality assessment team finds that your phone is on a different network (or locked to one if you chose ‘unlocked’), we will let you know and may revise your offer price.

Has your item changed in condition, but the reason why isn’t listed above?
Contact our customer service team for more information.