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Decluttr was brought to the US in 2014 by global re-commerce leader musicMagpie, the biggest third-party seller in the world on Amazon and the first company in the world to pass ten million in eBay feedback.

Decluttr.com is a fast, easy and free way to sell tech and media such as smartphones, tablets, wearables, CDs, DVDs, games, books, LEGO® and more, as well as to purchase refurbished tech and media.

Decluttr offers customers a better value and more sustainable option when purchasing and trading-in their tech, that is ‘smart for you, smart for the planet’.

Decluttr refurbishes 95% of the products it receives from its customers, and if they can’t be refurbished, the majority of their parts will be reused to refurbish other products. Decluttr’s business practices promote a circular economy model and it is proud to support the reduction of e-waste globally, as well as the reduction of mining for precious metals used in new tech.

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Press Releases

2019 Holiday Spending Survey

To uncover the ins and outs of holiday spending, Decluttr conducted its annual holiday survey of American consumers.


Do Americans trust their carriers?

We surveyed over 2,000 smartphone owners and found that more than 2 in 5 have never switched carriers.


2019 Phone Depreciation Study

Decluttr found that handsets could lose up to 30% in just 24 hours following Apple’s 2019 keynote.


US Attitudes to E-Waste Survey

3 in 5 young Americans don;t know what e-waste is, with 60% throwing electronics in the trash.


How much unused tech do Americans have?

Americans sitting on $43B worth of unused tech in their homes, holding on average $199 each.


How do Americans feel about 5G? (Survey)

Nearly 1 in 3 Americans think they have 5G smartphones—even though it isn’t widely available yet.


How loyal to Apple are iPhone users? (Survey)

One in four iPhone users plan to purchase the iPhone 11 when released, despite lack of innovation and updates.


The side-hustle that's made people millions

Over half of Americans (56%) cleaned out their closets and drawers to make space and cash during lockdown.



Cell Phone Depreciation

There’s a good chance that you’re already aware that your new cell phone loses value as soon as you take it out of the box...


Tech Tots

Are we raising a generation of tech addicts?
What age should we give our kids their
first cell phone?


Spring Cleaning

Spark more than joy, over 60% of people agree that a clean, organized bedroon makes them more likely to have sex...



How to cash in on old devices as new Apple products hit the shelves

Experts say to act fast if you plan to sell your phone because the value will drop after Apple releases three new iPhones...

7 places to sell your old
stuff online

Marie Kondo’s “Tidying Up” series has inspired many to clean out their homes – but what do you do with all the junk...

Spring cleaning: Apps to sell your clothes, tech, furniture

Buzzfeed’s Erin Phraner joins TODAY with apps that will make spring cleaning easier while adding some extra cash in your pocket.

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