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Sell your Macbook

Select the model you'd like to sell below then select the screen size, year it was released, processor & RAM!

Sell your MacBook

Find out how much your MacBook is worth by entering your serial number below. Please note: we no longer buy pre-2012 MacBooks
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Alternatively, select the model you'd like to sell below then select the screen size, year it was released, processor & RAM!







Trade In MacBook

It's so easy to sell a MacBook with Decluttr

Decluttr is the quick, easy and totally FREE way to sell your MacBook!

How to sell your MacBook

1 - Enter the make, model and condition to get a FREE instant price.
2 - Remove your iCloud account and delete any personal data.
3 - Pack your MacBook into a box and ship it for FREE with UPS.
4 - Get Fast Next Day Payment via PayPal or Direct Deposit!

The MacBook is Apple’s premier laptop, beloved by everyone from graphic designers to casual users. Its beautiful design, simple interface and powerful specs has made it one of the most popular laptops around.

However, the MacBook’s popularity has dwindled with the rise of the iPad and the iPhone’s increasingly powerful specs. Even power users are ditching their MacBooks in favor of the iPad Pro!

Couple that with Apple releasing new MacBooks every few years and there are plenty of reasons to sell MacBooks. Selling a MacBook isn’t easy with most sites though. You have to list it, take pictures, write a description, find a buyer and then hope they pay!

Decluttr takes away all of that stress. With our MacBook trade-ins, we’ll give you an instant price, FREE shipping and Fast Next Day Payment, giving you cash to spend however you want! Find out how much yours is worth today.

The Decluttr Price Promise

With our MacBook trade ins, we promise to pay the first value we offer for your MacBook or you can request your device back for FREE – no questions asked!

Selling your MacBook with Decluttr is fast, easy and totally FREE!

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