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Sell Broken Phones

It’s no secret that cell phones are fragile. In fact, you’re probably visiting this page because yours is broken and you’re wondering “where can I recycle my cell phone for cash?”!

Well, we’ve got great news: you can sell broken cell phones for cash with Decluttr! Simply get an instant valuation, ship it for FREE and we’ll pay you the day after it arrives!

Wait... so I can recycle my old phone even if it’s broken?

That’s right - we buy cracked, scratched and water damaged handsets and, best of all, selling damaged phones is just as easy as selling phones in good condition!

What is a ‘broken’ mobile phone?

We use the following criteria to determine whether a phone is broken:


power up






Excess scratches,
dents or chips



Broken microphone
or speakers



Faulty buttons
& keys



Broken or
missing battery



SIM gate



Corrupt operating


Please note: we can’t buy your broken cell phone if its snapped in half, reported lost or stolen, barred by a carrier or counterfeit.

How much will you pay for my broken mobile phone?

Although we pay less for broken phones than working handsets, you might be surprised by how much you can make. Plus, it’s much better to sell your broken phone for cash than leave it to gather dust in a drawer!

Why should I recycle my broken phone?

Throwing your cell phone in the trash is one of the worst things you can do to the environment. It’s estimated that one cell phone battery contains enough chemicals to pollute 60,000 litres of water!

In addition, expert predictions suggested that 49.8 million metric tons of e-waste would be produced in 2018. Most of this would be sent to landfills in developing countries, leading to the pollution of local land and water supplies.

What happens after I recycle my old phone?

In most cases, we repair and refurbish the phones we receive so they can go to a new home. If that’s not possible, we’ll recycle your phone and it’s components in a responsible manner.

So if you’re selling your broken phone, make sure you do it the smart way with Decluttr. You don’t have to worry about auctions or fees, shipping is totally FREE and you’ll get paid quickly too!

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