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Sell Your Tablet

Selling your Tablet with Decluttr is super easy!

If you’re wondering where to sell used tablets, you’ve landed in the right place! We buy tablets and it’s super easy: just get an instant price, ship it for free and get paid the day after we receive your items.

Tablets have been around in various forms since the late 80s, although they only really exploded in popularity after the release of the iPad in 2011. Since then, manufacturers have released tablets of all shapes and sizes, from premium Samsung tablets to budget options.

New tablets are released all the time, with new apps demanding more and more power. If you’re thinking of upgrading, it could be time to sell your tablet!

How do I sell my tablet for cash?

It couldn't be easier to sell your tablet with Decluttr. To start, tell us the make, model and condition of your tablet and we’ll give you an instant price, locked in for 28 days. It’s that simple: no auctions, no fees, just a quick offer for your tablet!

Then, pack your tablet into any box along with anything else you’re selling. Please make sure it’s secure before sending though!

Lastly, send your items using one of our FREE shipping options. When your items arrive, we’ll check them, securely remove any personal data and pay you the next day by PayPal or direct deposit into your account!

The Decluttr Price Promise

We want you to get the best possible price when you sell your tablet, which is why we guarantee to pay the first price we offer or return your tablet for FREE!

Decluttr is the fast and easy way to sell your tablet!

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