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It's so easy to sell cell phones with Decluttr

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It's easy to sell used cell phones with Decluttr

How can I sell my cell phone online for cash with Decluttr?

  1. Get a FREE instant valuation. No auctions or fees!
  2. Pack your phone into a box and ship it for FREE.
  3. Get next day payment by direct deposit, PayPal or check.

How do I get the best price for my old phone?

We’ll always try to offer the best possible valuation for your cell phone but there are a couple of ways to get even more cash for your phone.

  • Sell it as soon as possible, as the value of your phone will depreciate over time.
  • Lock in the best price for 28 days, even if you aren’t quite ready to sell.
  • Keep your phone in the best possible condition.

Can I sell my old cell phone? Will you definitely buy it?

Yep, you certainly can! We buy a huge range of handsets, including:

However, there are certain handsets we either no longer buy or cannot buy at this time. The easiest way to find out if we're buying your phone is to search for it using our Valuation Engine.

So if you want to trade in your old phone, get an instant valuation for it today and find out how much you can make for it!

Can I sell my broken cell phone?

It’s perfectly reasonable to ask “where can I sell my broken phone?” as many people simply won’t buy broken handsets!

Luckily, we will. We buy cracked, scratched and water damaged handsets and, although we pay a little less for broken phones, you may be surprised by how much you can make. And hey, it beats leaving it to gather dust!

Find out how to sell broken cell phones here.

Why should I recycle my cell phone with Decluttr?

We’re one of the US’ fastest growing cell phone buyback services and we’re BBB accredited too.

Here are a few reasons why our customers love us:

  • We pay up to 33% more than carrier buyback programs for any used cell phones.
  • It’s completely FREE, from getting a valuation to shipping. No auctions, no fees, no hassle!
  • We’ll pay the day after your items arrive.
  • We’ll help remove your personal data for complete peace of mind.
  • We’ve paid over $600 million to more than 7 million happy customers and we’ve been featured on Good Morning America, the Today show and much more!
  • With our Tech Price Promise, you’re guaranteed to get the first valuation we offer or you can request your cell phone back for FREE!

Recycling with us is smart for the planet too. Did you know the components and chemicals used to build cell phones are harmful to the environment if disposed of incorrectly? In fact, it’s estimated that one cell phone battery contains enough chemicals to pollute 60,000 litres of water.

That makes recycling your cell phone responsibly super important. By recycling your mobile phone with Decluttr, you’re doing your bit for the environment and make some extra cash at the same time!

Ready to trade in your cell phone for cash? Search for your cell phone above and get a FREE instant valuation today!

Decluttr – the easy way to sell your cell phone.

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