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Sell Your LEGO®

If you have boxes or even closets full of LEGO® bricks you don’t use anymore, we’re here to help with a fast, easy and FREE way to sell used LEGOs®!

As we buy LEGO® by weight, you can sell used LEGOs by brick, not just sets!

Selling with us couldn’t be easier – here’s how it works.

1. Pack your LEGO® bricks into a plastic bag & seal or tie it!

2. Weigh the bag and round it to the nearest 1lb.

3. Select the total weight of your LEGO® bricks and get an instant price.

4. Send your LEGO® for FREE & get Fast Next Day Payments.

With LEGO® recycling from Decluttr, you don’t have to worry about missing blocks, selling an entire set or finding a buyer.
Just pack your LEGO® into a bag, weigh it and sell it for fast CASH!

To avoid any damage to your items or bricks getting lost in transit, please put your bag of LEGO® into a box before sending it.

*Our Quality Assessment team will inspect your LEGO®, remove any inauthentic or damaged blocks and reweigh your bricks again afterwards. If your order contains a large number of damaged bricks, the value of your order may change – so please don’t include them!

You can sell CDs, DVDs, Video Games, Books and Tech at the same time as your LEGO®, and you can send them all in the same box too!

Start Selling