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Sell Your Textbooks Online

It’s super easy to sell Textbooks with Decluttr

Textbooks are an important part of any college course, whether you’re majoring in computer science, mathematics or social studies. But what should do when you’ve graduated, or you’re moving onto further studies which require even more textbooks?

Decluttr is the fast, easy and FREE way to sell textbooks online. We’ll give you an instant price, FREE delivery and you’ll get paid the day after we receive your items by PayPal or direct deposit. Selling textbooks has never been easier!

Every college course recommends textbooks, but they aren’t always cheap. In fact, some textbooks can cost hundreds of dollars, which is why so many students sell them on after completing their course.

It isn't always easy to sell used textbooks though. You have to find a buyer, get a good price and then organize delivery and potentially pay fees.

Luckily, we’ve made it super easy to sell old textbooks!

How to sell textbooks

To sell used textbooks, start by getting an instant price using our valuation engine. Alternatively, scan the barcodes on your books using our FREE Android or iPhone app. You can sell CDs, DVDs, Video Games, Cell Phones and Tech at the same time too.

Next, pack your items into any box you like and send it to us for FREE.

As soon as your items arrive, we’ll check them over and pay you the day after they arrive by direct deposit into your account or PayPal. You can also donate your total order value to charity. It really is that easy to sell old textbooks!

Decluttr – the fast and easy way to sell used textbooks!

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Please enter ALL THE DIGITS for the barcode without spaces or dashes. (Sometimes there are numbers on the far left and right of the barcode - don't forget these!)


Some CDs, DVDs, Games or Books may have a sticker covering the barcode. You will need to type in the original barcode and NOT the over-stickered shop barcode.

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