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Sell Your Blackberry

It's super easy to sell a Blackberry with Decluttr

Sell your BlackBerry for cash with Decluttr! It’s the easiest way to sell BlackBerry phones: just get an instant price, pack your phone into any box and ship it for FREE. We’ll then pay by PayPal or direct deposit on the day after we receive it!

In the mid 2000s, BlackBerry was the hottest mobile around. You’d struggle to go anywhere without seeing a high-powered executive tapping away at the QWERTY keyboard, or a group of teens on BBM.

In recent years, though, things haven’t gone quite as well for BlackBerry. The QWERTY keyboard design was outdated by the standard touchscreens of modern smartphones, and BlackBerry’s attempts to catch up weren’t successful. As the iPhone and Android manufacturers like Samsung rose, BlackBerry unfortunately sunk. 

How to sell a BlackBerry Phone

Simply get an instant price for your BlackBerry using our valuation engine or FREE app and we'll lock it in for 28 days. You can sell CDs, DVDs, Games and Tech at the same time too!

Then, pack all of your items into any box and ship it to us for FREE. We’ll pay on the day after we receive your items (after safely removing your personal data), giving you fast cash to spend however you like, and we pay more than carriers too!

The Decluttr Price Promise

When you sell your cell phone, we promise to pay the full initial amount we offer for your BlackBerry or return it for FREE.

Decluttr: the fast and easy way to sell your Blackberry

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